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The Truth Is Out and the Globalist Elites Are Trying to set us back to 620 AD. The internet has  damage the New World Order Progression, due to the knowledge many of us are forwarding to the people, that we are not alone. Please click on the link to show an important message, by: Colleen Thomas! A must see video, before the internet will be shut down!     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tke4aIUsjMQ

A new aquablauw site created for United Kingdom and for the world to share! My Hero, Nigel Farage. http://aquablauw.co.uk

Thank you for visiting our, Bold Spoken and Uncensored, Internet site. As an up-to-date agenda, we want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with our information. As for now, you can Google search the name; aquablauw, for more in depth information! Politics, were never his kind of involvement. But when it comes to blind and lead the people of each country into HELL?I It did became his priority in life to warn and help, the people as much as I can to fulfill the will of the people and not the Globalist Elite, that are about to kill our society, that was a creation of God, in peace and tranquility. The Rich Bored Bastards, got  tired to play a normal game of Monopoly. So with all their boring rich money, they decided to play with the life of real people, like you and me. problem is? They go as we go, when our time comes, with totally, nothing to bring with us! Amen! (Please join me at: http://facebook.com/aquablauw)

Our planet is going through very positive changes. We are aware of our place on this planet!Yes, I am a very proud Star Seed of Pleiadian Origin! http://www.iammysoul.com/starseeds.html

I totally Love and Endorse, this water tight and solid set up!  http://soundcloud.com/aquablauw

Global Ascension, is in the planning stage!

Wanted to thank a very special friend, singer/songwriter Vanessa Feltner. A great spirited lady, am very proud to be acquainted with. Such an Historic event. Best wishes, Partner!

Let this be a warning for the whole world. These savages are on the war path at the expense of bleeding your social welfare! They are occupying your country, without any declaration of WAR!      http://aquablauw.co.uk

Donald J Trump Is the ONLY Manager to Save our country from becoming a poverty stricken Islam State. The Only Manager to save economy and get the financial system back under control. Save our Dollar Currency, US Constitution and get rid of the UN/NWO. Reinforce the anti Islam Law, established in 1952. US Constitution labels Islam as Foreign and Domestic enemies!

The New 
Agenda : To All Donald Trump Groups And Supporters. It Is Imperative That We Use All Our Of Resources To All Groups We Represent, And The Public PostsAs Well, From This Point On To Issue And Promote Factual, Accurate And Confirmed Posts Both Representing And Affirming The Qualifications and Abilities Of Mr. Donald J Trump To Be The President And Commander In Chief Of Our Great Nation. The Media, Namely CNN And Others Are Bought And Paid For By The Hillary Clinton Campaign By Way Of Deceit, To Discredit Donald J Trump Who Stands For America And Stands For The Best Interest Of The Future Of This Nation. We Have Been Sold Out By The Media For A Price Because Unfortunately Everything Is For Sale In This Country Today. We Have The Power In Numbers To Stop The Lying Deceitful Politicians That Have Controlled The Outcome Of Our Society For So Long. The Establishment Wants Control Us, And Take Away The Freedom We Have Enjoyed And Prospered From The Agenda Of The Politicians Of Today Is To Take Away Our Rights And Liberty To Be Able To Have Complete Control Over Us Because They Cannot Have Control Of A Free Society, Unless They Can Disarm Us And Remove The Second Amendment Which Gives Us That Right To Bear Arms To Protect Our Values And Our Families. The New World Order Is The Intent To Take Away Our 2ND Amendment Rights To Have Complete Control Over Us. The Current Administration And Mr. Obama And Hillary Clinton Want To Disarm America And Disarm Law Enforcement, To Further Their Agenda To Obtain The New World Order, The New World Order Is One World Rule. One And Only Rule Of All Humanity. And If This Ever Occurs None Of Us Will Be Free As We Know Now. The Powers Of The World Seek This And Have Been Seeking This For Quite Some Time. What It Will Mean And The Purpose Of This Is The Root Of All Evil, The Almighty Dollar. The Sole And Intended Purpose. In Order To Achieve This Is The Complete And Solem Control Of All Living Humanity On The Planet. To Attain Revenue From Everything That You Do. All Citizens Of The World Will Be A Revenue Source For The Controlling Entity. Each Country And Each Is Limited By The Amount Of Citizens. If You Think About That, And Then Think About The Total Amount Of Human Beings In The Whole World, And Then Imagine A Tax On All Humanity As A Whole, The Amount Would Be Staggering To The Mind. This Is A Theology And Ideology That Any World Power Would Want To Achieve. And Is A Factual Ultimate Goal For The One That Can Accomplish This. It Will Happen Eventually On This Planet. What Is Happening Know And Being Manipulated Effectively Right Now, Is To Begin Turning Us Against Each Other, Creating Racism, Turning Us Against Our Values For The Purpose Of Us Loosing All Faith In The Good Of Man Kind, To Believe There Is No God, And Ironically This Is Happening Now. We Are Pawns In A Greater Scheme Of Things. This Is What They Want To Happen To Achieve There Master Plan, To Make Us All Slaves, To Instill Tyranny, And Cause Chaos, Which Will Be Our Undoing, Which Is Exactly What Will Allow This World Order To Be Reached, And Ultimately Enslave All Of Us. This Will Happen, Unless We The People Stand Up And Resist The Establishment That Has Envisioned This Inevitability, Because We The People Refuse To Surrender To This New World Order Vision, And Voice Our Choice And Our Vote, That They Will Rob From Us And Demand Accountability Of The Corrupt Political Establishment That Has Controlled Our Society And The Freedom We Believed We Had A Say So Over. I Urge All Of The Groups That Support Donald J Trump, Who Is Truly The Real Last True Hope Of America, So I Urge All Groups That Support Donald Trump To Post Factual, And Researched Information Regarding Donald trump The Man Emphasizing his Accomplishments, And Outlining How And Why He Would Be The True And Only Candidate Capable Of Restoring This Great Nation To Its Prior Glory And Return The Respect We Have Always Held, Projected And Lead The World By. I Emplore You, For Everything We Have Always Stood For Through Out Our Great History To Never Give Up, To Never Give In And To Continue Your Plight With Renewed Vigore And Lets Bring Donald J Trump The President, And Commander I Chief To The White House. Frank A Rossi Absolutely TrumpLikeShow more reactionsCommentShare,


What a Dumb Ass, Kenyan Muslim Comedian Infiltrator. Totally Non-American, by our US Constitution Standards!

Worden mensen eens een keer wakker? Uw land is bezet, zonder enige oorlogs verklaringen, door Islam, Verenigde Nazies, 2de kamer leden, Arabiese Meid als Voorzitter, Turkse Ministers, Rotterdamse Marokkaanse Burgermeester, Gore EU en UN/NWO? http://aquablauw.com/ Ik protesteer!

Time for the Dutch People, to take back their country. Get rid of any and all occupation of, Islam, EU, UN/NWO and follow the lead of United Kingdom!

Time, to clean up any and all Islam , EU and  UN/NWO occupation, through major Civilian Force or Military Coup, called Civil War, on a Global Scale!

Best News I ever heard on BBC, June 24, 2016. United Kingdom Leaving the EU. The rest will follow. End of Globalist Elite's Sneaky New World Order will crumble. Islam Occupation of USA will end, with Donald J. Trump in the White House. No more Wars, no more Greed and no more Corruption. Nigel Farage has predicted this event in the year 2000. EU Empire with no solid foundation to its people, was already to fall, before they ever were built. BeNeLux Union, was the only True Union in the World, that ever existed, between 3 countries, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg! (Take that to the bank!, LOL)

Either ‪#‎TRUMP‬ in the WH? Or expect a Full Scale Civil War!http://aquablauw.com

As a Star Seed, I am. At The End. Love will always prevail over Evil!   http://aquablauw.com/cgi-bin/aqualive.mp3

Please,remember? The problems we face today, may well be the salvation of our Colorful Future! Many have no idea of an almost perfect civilization, that cares for our people and growth in evolution of this planet, more powerful, more Loving, then this crooked filth on this planet.

I had been cradled, loved and cherished, since birth, by a powerful word, of only "Love", as weapon! I would love to share that with the world!

A Political Cry For Help! Justice and Freedom For Us All? Well, Give back the Netherlands, to the People of The Netherlands! Plain and Simple. Destroy the EU of Hell!

Donald Trump is the best manager of the American people, it will be the most powerful and wise President of the United States! Today, he is in need of protection and conservation.

I am requesting many of you great people to sign up to my new group, in preserving the US Constitution and Our Bill Of Rights! Our present laws, policies and regulations are being destroyed by a Kenyan Islam Infiltrator in the White House, as an Arkansas Criminal is being prepped by the BiIderberg Elite University, to finish off the job, in installing Union of North America.   https://www.facebook.com/groups/constitutionus/

Last Warning: For the sake of the future of our Generation, Vote Donald J. Trump. Anyone else will lead into a Full Scale Civil War! http://facebook.com/aquablauw

DEN HAAG - PVV-leider Geert Wilders gaat in juli naar de bijeenkomst waar de Amerikaanse Republikeinse partij haar presidentskandidaat benoemt. Wilders hoopt dat Donald Trump de winnaar wordt.Dat bevestigde een woordvoerder woensdag. Na een reeks overwinningen bij voorverkiezingen geldt Trump als de gedoodverfde Republikeinse kandidaat voor de presidentsverkiezingen eind dit jaar. De PVV is de enige Nederlandse politieke partij die Trump een geschikte kandidaat vindt. De rest van politiek Den Haag kijkt met angst en beven toe hoe de populariteit van Trump steeds verder toeneemt.

De bijeenkomst, de zogenoemde Republikeinse Nationale Conventie, is van 18 tot 21 juli in Cleveland (Ohio).

 For the Record? Hillary is a Power Hunger Slut, none qualified to be called President of USA, is now working for This Walking Corps, called George Soros. Lying Hillary Job, is to finish Installing Union Of North America! Which will never happen, cause Civil War is on the Horizon! Remember! UN is NWO! Wake up Guys! Civil War is right on the Horizon, if Trump is not entering the White House on January 17, 2017!

And this is a promise, Trained and Certified by the University of The Bilderberg group! Anyone Voting for this World Criminal, escaping Justice, will be as stupid to spoil for others in unleashing a major full scale Civil War!

This is only 4 out of over 50 dead. This lady is pushing luck, finishing off, what Obama could not do, is applying George Soros Death Plan, which, We The People, will stop in their tracks, called Civil War, If Trump does not enter the White House, On January 17, 2017

Killarry's Plan Of Death, ala Obama and George Soros!

Never, ever in my life, have I seen a Power Hunger Slut, to reach what she wants, even if she has to step over dead bodies to reach that UGLY STATUS, with lies and all misinformed, false pretenses, she will never abide to. Same mistakes many made with having a Kenyan Islam Infiltrator taking a position, chosen by the Globalist Elite, not the vote of the people. Ms. Slut, yours and ye fake Husband, will face KARMA very soon! Hang in there, yours is on the way!

Priority, before next election on November 2016? Is to arrest this Meth Head for Major Stealing, Murdering, Larceny,Lying under Oath, giving voters the wrong impression, who this Crack Head Really is?  Misplacing over $6 Billion from State Department, into the Clinton's private accounts in offshore banks under their pet's name. Sold over 400 Missiles, no cash money to show? What else? Well you guys, figure it out?

Let's make this clear, Once And For All! We ain't taking no more shit! Come join our TRUMP Support Group:   https://facebook.com/groups/trump.usa.ceo

Watch this! Democratic Republic of North Korea, German Democratic, East German Republic. Does that tell you something? In a Little while, Democratic Islamic Party Of Union of North America? (Total Communism)! Let that be a warning It is dead Serious!

Ain't that the Truth! No Good University Lawyers made into, Legal US-Criminals in Arms! And, We The People, suppose to stay, Stupid?

Choice is: Either TRUMP, in the White House? Or Face Full Scale Civil War! This corrupted stuff has to stop and clean all the mess Obama has violated, under the strict rules of our US Constitution and Immigration Laws and null and void any and all Obama's Executive Orders!

Simple Math! Any Presidential Candidate, accepting monies, bribes, etc., by the Globalist Elites, will pay itself in blood, by We The People! Their job is to establish Union Of North America, in weaken the strength from USA, into a 3rd world country! Instead, if Trump does not hit the White House. Be prepared for a full scale Civil War! We The People, have more then enough of the Globalist Elite's Monopoly Games, playing with real people, cause the regular Monopoly Games got pretty bored, with these Walking Corps! Time for them, to get lost in Hell!

Love you, Rebecca Lynn Howard! Truthfully great voice and damn good looks! You look like Jessica Andrews! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTFX0Q7rq-E

A man that sacrificed his life for my freedom and life of my chosen careers! I miss Him! http://reverbnation.com/harrybroker

Play Time is almost over! ' Ol Folks in Congress, check into ye nearest Nursing Home, Alzheimer Department. The rest may have to find a paper Route, Real soon! Corrupted BS is about to end ye misery!

In Sweet Memory of a Hotel/Resort Developer and Owner/Operator CEO of John Q. Hammons Hotels and Resorts, Springfield MO, whom I admired and whom I worked for and personally knew! Thank you for such a great opportunity, to learn complete hotel operations on property, as well as on Corporate Level! No schools, nor diplomas needed! http://jqhhotels.com

Want to let these Power Hunger Individuals know? We are here all for a very short period of time, on this planet, Called the Disney Land For The Adults! Remind you, that you are accountable for all your actions. No Evil man made religion needed!

Flagship, major Franchise Hotel/Resort Property, under ownership and management of John Q. Hammons

Was very happy, to be part of the JQH Hotel Group. Hard work, made great friends, learned and implement, what schools can not teach you. Fort Collins, Colorado. Also, very great and talented managerial staff! Thank you, for the great time, Terrance J. Bichsel, Richard Rexroat and Kathy Kratzer, for your great friendship and guidance! But I guess, music was my ultimate dream...

Wanna let people know. No worries! We are on the right track of winning back our freedom. http://twitter.com/aquablauw

Wanna avoid a full scale Civil War?  Choose wisely...Choose, Donald J. Trump!   https://facebook.com/groups/trump.usa.ceo

Just for the record? Truth Hurts!

How can people be so dumb? Hey, Kenyan Obamba, this is USA, not the Sahara 620 AD. You are dealing with some angry Americans, ready to go to war at a corrupted Global Elite Managed Government!

[Following page will bring you to his music page, with several website links on the right side! http://unsigned.com/aquablauw, and his new music site: http://reverbnation.com/aquablauw9 ] For any questions, you may contact him at his personal email: harry.broker1@gmail.com

Your Hostess and CEO: Terry Robnett.
For the fight against chemtrails, pollution and daily sluggish work! Go to their websites for an outstanding health information, to better your life and control of many such ailments we can avoid?

Thank you Fans, for such a Global Support!

Aquablauw's Music 2 Hot Songs, are now on: http://soundcloud.com/aquablauw

Matter of survival! Either Vote Donald J. Trump? Or face a full scale Civil War!  Government should be run like a business, not as a corrupted/lawless bunch of crooked, (Circus)  lawyers, that don't know how to manage your local grocery store!  And get away with it. That has got to stop!   https://facebook.com/groups/trump.usa.ceo

Ivanka,Trump, you are not only a Foxy Lady, but a good supporter to your Dad. Trust me, he will win in a LandSlide. I bugged, through his Twitter for many years, to have him run and begged him! Thank you. https://facebook.com/groups/trump.usa.ceo

Fire them all! Corruption got to end! We, The People demand honesty from all of our elected officials! Put the old folks in a Nursing Home, for heavy dementia observation! Allow limitation of terms. Follow me at:  http://twitter.com/aquablauw

Bunch of Sick Mongols!

Nog zo'n stuk debiel!

                   " Take It To The Limit"



Remember, when you vote for Donald Trump. He does not represent both parties, he represents the American People, ONLY!

Either Trump in The White House, or Full Scale Civil War! This General,says it all! My deepest Respect!

Come on Guys! After 3 heart surgeries, is it not time, for this evil man to face HELL?

Barry Soetoro, The Kenyan Islam/ISIS Cult Cartel Leader! What is next on your agenda? Take over UN/NWO? Gosh, don't forget, even you go as we, totally naked with nothing to take with you into next life! One way, or the other, you will face KARMA, don't even have to be religious to know it!

Gosh....am I on someone's Santanic Elite's VooDoo's List?    http://aquablauw.co.uk

What an Awesome feeling that wears with us in The  Flesh, to feel such a Freedom from Within!

Translate: The Euro took off, all my clothes off my body. I want the Guilder Valuta and My Old Glory Netherlands back to its Dutch People, or really Netherlands People!

Please help save my Birth Country, The Netherlands, from complete destruction by Islam, UN, EU anfd NWO, Globalist Elite's Dirty Monopoly Games of Death?

Aquarius/5th Dimension
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Who Am I?
If we only knew?
"Always, Be Yourself"
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