My Healthy Aura, pertains these combination of Very Bright Blue's, Reds and Silver! Our next life of experience and discovery!

We are currently in a complete stop of our advanced  human evolution. Making it worse, as Islam is about to take us all back to 620 AD, as the Rich Elite Mafia Cartel and your Government is planned to take us! We all had been lied to since birth. There is more to know, then what they let us, wanting to know. Afraid, your religion and Governments looses control over its people, trying to keep them dumb and stupid! Thanks to the internet, that knowledge is there for us to take, unless Governments decides to shut the internet down, under their Bold, Dirty, Filthy Plans of their One Dictatorship New World Order Government! Thanks to Russia and China, starting their New World Bank and the involvement with Syria? That filthy dream of the Filthy Rich is gone! Obama's Power has therefore reduced to a small snail on a deserted Island! World Power is now Balanced, to save us people of catastrophic results!

This web page is about our future products, news, music and health issues, concerning the better way to living life to the fullest.

For more information on this musical artist, you may Google, Bing or Yahoo search either or both, under the name, aquablauw.

My Serious Quote:
It is pretty hard to express someone's art, music, life style, nudism, daily family tasks, fashion, politics, etc.
But yet, when ridiculed by such people, I wonder, if they ever get their own life and ethics in order?
Gossip, behind someone's back just shows your own value of low mentality, low esteem and make others,
stay away from such a negative field of activities.
Hiding behind a home made religion, won't work either, under a nasty disguise of false pretenses and jealousy!
Just think, before you all react, then look in the mirror, if you are a perfect individual as, you picture to be.
I am talking about my own family, my ex relationships, ex family in laws and past, so called, friends, that knew it all.........



We will bring more updates, as we get more information to post.

Health Issues: Anyone knows, that Cannabis in an oil form can be a cure for many cancer patients and other form of bed ridden diseases.

Everyone knows, That your cholesterol levels can be controlled  by a combination of
CQ10 and  Red Rice Yeast, and can replace the chemical RX Statin, with no side effects at all!

Golden Seal Root,
another powerful herb, only grown wild in the North American Region.
Indians, has long used is as a medicine for natural healing.
(FDA), for many years, Food and Drug Administration, has try to put that off the shelf, but now available
as a watered down extract, to loosen its value. Google search  it to find out its potent healing powers.
For me, it healed bleeding ulcers, heals small cuts on skin, with no stitches needed.
Healed in 4 days, showing no scars. It has many other great internal healing powers as well.

Every one knows, that L-Arginine/L-Ornithine, can support lower blood pressure, by widening the blood vessels, making the vessels supple, thus less pressure on the heart muscles, and smoother blood flow to all parts of the body. With no side effects. In men, helps erectile dysfunction. Increasing appetite for sexual pleasure.

Lysine or L-Lysine, has proven to me some outstanding healing. Controlling any and all upcoming, following skin infections, such as Canker Sores, Mouth Soars, Cold Sores and even colds and minor throats irritation,s prior in letting if progress. Staph infection, in it begining stage can be healed by taking 500 mg in the morning and 500 mg in the evening, till all sores vanishes. Thus, no antibiotic needed. Saves you a Doctor's visit. Staph can manually being lanced to get rid of the inside infection. Or apply a First Aid Creme, containing, Lidocaine 0.5%, to numb the pain and Phenol, to help disinfect the area and help dry up the area at the same time. Cover with an airy band aid. Repeat the process twice, daily, after takin a soak or shower, to soften the area.

Do you also know, that a Joint Mobility, Natural Made Supplement, called Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM, replaces cartilage build up, soothes and lubes joints to Promote Comfortable Movement & Flexibility? May prevent, back problems, hips, knees and shoulder replacement?

Google search the benefits of Omega 3, 6 and 9, To me it gave energy, no hair falling out, my skin softened as smooth as silk, better condition and helps many other functions in my body. I make this a much needed  supplement to my daily intake, since I am a fresh fish consumer, when I lived in The Netherlands. Now I have to supplement it, and am no favorite of frozen fish items on the store shelf. Yes, and its Mercury free!

Did you know that Lutein with Zeaxanthin, can promote your eyesight and Marcular Health?

Did you know, that Lycopene and Saw Palmetto, promotes Heart and Prostrate Health in Men?

For prostate enlargement and to prevent prostrate cancer. Prostrate Milking and Massage may help relieve the problem, and enjoy very heavy orgasms, as well. Youtube search, Prostrate massage or milking for best results. Watch their videos.

Did you know, Potassium Gluconate and Magnesium Oxide, promotes muscle tissue and can prevail, muscle cramps?

Did you know, that a special herb combination of root, bark and seeds, that cleans out your Colon, to prevent, bloating, upset stomach, better intestinal regularity and regain energy and can  reduce cancer risks? FDA approved or not? They are just as corrupt as the Federal Reserve Board and their legal criminals in Washington, DC, so don't count on their trust!

Update: February 09, 2016.

Double Click on this posted Link, about its secrecy of Atlantis and Our World, as it used to be and what it had been:

Did you know, that Calcium Citrate or Calcium Magnesium with Zinc, promotes healthy bone support and reduce muscle cramps?

All of the above has helped me beat a Genetic Heart Disease Disorder, that  lingers in my family.
Much more in total Male Health improvement, passed a physical and to the Health Practitioner's surprise,
My organs were compared to somebody that is 27 years of age.
I proved, with discipline health care. We can beat homeopathic products, verses the chemical,
medical intakes, with the risks of many such pretty ill  and creepy, side effects.
The Key to Success, is living an active life, as well as healthy food intakes.
Thus, slowing down the aging process!
Live a stressful free life. Don't follow standard traditions as many does.
But for God's sakes, be yourself. Be a Leader, Not A Follower.
No one leads my life, no one tells me, what is good for me or not.
No one tells me how to live my life. Take it all in stride, that is the reason of me, living a very Healthy Life.
I will prove that age is just a number. What and how I place myself on the internet or not?
With or without my clothes on!  Is my business, and no harm being inflicted, to anyone!
That shows, who I really am. And I can live peacefully, in who I really am, not what many wants me to be
(What's In Your Wallet, LOL)

And did you know, we are note alone, in this Universe. Did you all know, we are all here temporary to do
our job, as required, before being born on Earth? So, why all the fuzz in multiple negative gain, of Greed, Power and Pure Insecurities?
We all have to go. This is the playpen for adults. Enjoy life and do not follow any home made evil religion made by men, not God, but only depend on  your inner self!
Our creator is not mentioned as many people think and how home made religion portrays itself, we all came from that same powerful force called GOD! Angels are not pictured, as we believe in. They are part of the Galactic Force of Light, includes a Pure and Strong Minded Civilization called Pleiadian and are Ultra Modern in its Advanced Technology, beyond, Primitive Earth's Understanding. Area 51, will never obtain that Technology!
They are very kind and loving and care about Planet Earth and its Human Existence. They are beyond any powerful  Government on Earth.
Did you know, that all World-Government has stop the evolution of mankind, due to Greed of Money, Power and Control? One day, we will not need Gas, Oil and Electric.
That, there will be no health issues , no doctors, no pharmacies and no hospitals? And yes, no money, so no greed? Vehicles, need no engine nor tires, nor gas? Yep, that has all been with hold to the people of this world. But that  Era will soon become Pure Reality. That is why Atlantis, was never mentioned in any History Books.

And for the record? New Evil World Order, will never happen, if we, over 7 Billion People on Earth, will stop this Nonsense!

Did you know? We have all been lied to, through Centuries. I will not name them.
But has slowed down our human evolution and controlled by evil world government.
Please double click on this text, to see its explanation.

Are you a Pleiadian Star Seed? This video will guide you, if you know who and what your life purpose is, on this Earthly Planet. There are many of us working as light workers with a Grand Plan, laid out and executed for the goods to this Earth and its Inhabitants. Guided by your Ascended Masters, as many of us, calls it: Guardian Angels.

For the working force, office, factory, business, corporate and on the go people. Realize, you wonder why you ran  out of energy, feel fatigue, feeling blah as such, but don't like swallowing pills, nor shots. Guess what? A powerful natural made Vitamin B12- Patch came on the market, that you wear hidden behind your ear, unnoticed to everyone, for 24 hours, time released. Goodbye to caffeine, coffee/coke, giving you a boost, then you crash. This awesome patch has given me the boost in life, I needed with no side effects at all. I give it thumbs up and a 10 star plus rating. Please read the reviews posted by others, either on Ebay or on Amazon! I speak out of experience and would recommend, you all to order it through,

The Search For Atlantis, the hidden truth of a powerful, most advanced civilization, on this planet:

Above subjects are just part of the Health, Life ,My Music, Politics and World Issues I would like to Share, (Harry Broker).
There is more to come.
A special message to one of my Sexy Singers in Tucson, Arizona
Linda Ronstadt, your sexy voice and stage appearances had many, such as me,
be your life time follower , cause you are "HOT"! Best Wishes and Love and Peace!

Thank you Buck Eye and Tempe, Arizona, for Visiting my site, several times!

I will share you, the True and Real God, not as mentioned by evil doers of this planet! The Dope Pope Is a Joke, and is Satan himself!

The Real Truth!

Sexuality has been given a bad name upon this planet, and that bad name is stored in your cellular memory. This is not just from this lifetime; it is from thousands of years of misappropriation and misuse. It is necessary for you to clear the negativity surrounding sexuality from this lifetime, as well as to experience and examine how you utilize sexual energy and sexual expression in your multidimensional selves.

The sexual parts of the body are avenues to pleasure that create frequencies that heal and stimulate the body and potentially lead it to its higher spiritual self. Sexuality is so misunderstood on this planet that, when it is exchanged between two persons, very seldom is there an intent to connect spirituality with it. Sexuality invokes a spirituality that is free and that looks at itself as a creator. However, very seldom is sexuality used as a bridge to take you to higher levels of consciousness.

My well being living  very healthy life! Almost chemical free, life!

Against the Evil Grain. The Real Naked Truth! Greetings from, aquablauw/Harry Bröker. Enjoy life as you feel like, not what others expects you to be! That is clean, open, naked, self confidence, true to nature and the best assistance to mankind! Pleiadian Love, Member of The Galactic Federation Of Light!

A healthy body stimulate sexual activities, energy and great eating habits and less Dr. visits and Pharmacy exposure. Many will put my open life of the living,site down. Problem is, they think it is all offended. But it had been a natural cause on God's eyes, till people put the lid on to it make it offensive, instead. But them, with clothes on, are the more dangerous, untrustworthy people, relying on cheating, stealing, killing and pretend, who they are not. I am happy to let the world know, in who I am. Now it is, the proof in the pudding, who really sticks with me, as family or friend! Best way to pick out the rotten apples out of my basket!

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, The True and Real God! We had been lied to all our life, since Birth!

"Is so easy to put others down, without really research deep within you, in who you really are"

Aquarius/5th Dimension
"My Perfect Life"
Who Am I?
If we only knew?
"Always, Be Yourself"
Hanna Alyssa Woods
"Erotica Aspirations"
"Pleiadian Love"
"Be My Guest"