The Naked Truth, of who I really am, not what others expects me to be! My Soul's Journey in the Flesh!

My True Enlightenment! None confusing, None Corrupted, None Religious, and none use of any Negative Powers. My Great and True, Pleiadian Family!

You clearly comprehend the measurable benefits of your current plan and the possible pitfalls of a faulty execution. Unfortunately, positive thinking grows elusive as the plot thickens and people realize how important your goals are to you now. Nothing is gained by backing down just because you're worried about what others think. Your unrelenting persistence is the best guarantee of your success. Don't stop believing in your dreams just because someone else lacks imagination.Some True Advice, From My Heavenly Guides!

I am so tired of hiding, in who I really am! The life of a nude body, called my Sacred Temple!

Where ever you all are, Ron Wills, Kiss Riemvis, Bonnie, Otto A. Stark, Dorothy L. Frazier and Cora Steiner, the road to such a long haul is almost there for me to flourish. Your guidance, advice and showing me the road signs of life, is about to pay off, so I can finally do my world's tasks, I have been dreaming of, since I was only 9 years old. All predictions, are truthfully happening to me, as I finally see the Trees in the Forest! Life was not easy, many mistakes, loss and changes that can not be unchanged. But see truly, what my world task is for me to do. Thank you all for such a great insight in my future life. This Card has finally put me on top of this struggle, as it came back to me, many of times. Thank you all, for the blessings and the great support in my work and ethic endeavors! Right or wrong, you guys were always with me. Thank you very much! My Dear Father, Anton Max Bröker, has always accepted my ways, even if he did not agreed on some weird and strange ways of mine! But His LOVE for me, overrides all obstacles! Thank you Dad, for such a great friendship, we had!

The Life And Spirit of, KISS RIEMVIS.

Hallo Harry,
Kiss heeft het zo verlangt voor je en droeg het altijd mee in haar gedachten. Ik weet zeker dat jouw doelen en plannen gerealiseerd zullen zijn op het moment als het daar op z'n plaats zal zijn. Veel liefs..... Bedankt voor je fijne woorden.

Kiss zei altijd "Tot je mijn liefde voelt"
Ook vertelde ze tot haar laatste adem dat we 'n betere wereld tegemoet komen. Haar bekende woorden Het is niet erg om te vallen, maar het is de kunst om weer op te staan. Harry zonder jouw ervaringen en levenswegen had je dit inzicht niet zo scherp kunnen zien, juist om die reden zul je slagen in je streven. Natuurlijk zal het negatieve je nog steeds aanvallen maar je bent gegroeid en sterker.

Fun of life, joy and pure healthy endeavors! Hidden from public view? What a shame!

Gosh.....what can I say?

Awesome Art. Such a Beauty! So Natural and Honest!

As a child, I always had those Feelings that I don’t belong here on Earth, whatsoever. Totally unaware, what my future may be? Depending on others, to lead my way in life. Reason for many, such Insecurities, doubts and pure limitations, I continue to wander through life, with millions of questions. I am not explaining my life story. Not needed. I will be explaining love of life to many, changed to Greed, Hate, Jealousy, Power Hunger and Materialistic Individuals that holds no core values, whatsoever. I believe, I came to this Plant Earth as anyone else, was to serve others? I felt more like an observer.

Let me start off, of how I thank the powers from above, of protecting me since birth. I will not take that for granted, but continue to find happiness, pleasure and living a healthy life to anyone, wanting to hear. This life was meant to learn in furthering our process to other plains, or dimensions, if you will? Many are so much entangled in their own obsession in life, hiding behind a fake, home made religions, they can't even see the tree in the forest.

SOUL: Many times I hear, many corrupted Government Officials, Entertainment, Sports and you name it. Sold their Soul To The Devil, in exchange For, Power and Money? A very destructive way of life, I must say. Many did not make it in life and died very young of age, what a waste. Well, sorry you sold yourself, not your soul belongs to the creator that created you in Pure Love, as you seek the hate and negative life of energy. The Dark Forces, you seek for an easy fix, are also on a very temporary journey, as you are. My Soul, belongs to the Eternal Forces of Energy and Light, called God to many, and can not be sold.

It took me years and years, to understand, who I really am? Yes, and so misunderstood by many of my family members and many other people. Yes, I did not belong anywhere, making me a loner in life? Wrong! I became part of the Light Network of Pleiadian Civilization, that help me float through life with so much guidance, I come short on words, to thank them. I may not have much, material wise, but I became rich in knowledge, and a very healthy body, as well. My work on Earth will be planned by the Galactic Forces of Light, and will instruct me as I go. I have met many light workers, living like humans under us. Those are my friends for eternal life No home made religion can fool me anymore with their control, fear and negative influences on my life. No negative family influences will effect me either.

Many souls come to Earth, gets raised in a great family surrounded. Many of those souls study through Universities, become, lawyer, doctors, engineers, etc, you name them. Then with that positive wisdom, becomes entangled with the wrong source of commitments. They call it the system. No? The system are made out of people.

Once they reach such level of Government, there is were the party of screwing people starts. Let me remind them, Money and Gold is ONLY a tool. That looses value, once the people are starting to revolt. My dad always said, what I can not eat has no value…That man is totally right. The Rich Of The Rich, poison their own minds, getting boring, by playing a regular Game of Monopoly, then decides to play with real people’s life. But forget how vulnerable they are. Their life will end also, and their poor way of health can not be repaired with their monopoly money. That is how stupid these high class intellects ends their sorry life. Reap what you sow, I would say? Throughout history, EVIL, will never sustain.

Again, I must imply. I am in who I am, very much in stable condition. Love life and people. Hates many that used power for destructive purposes and will face their own KARMA. Life is very short, we all have to go and being replaced by the new generation. So why all the fuzz?

Sample: I looked at the black and white history movies. Was intrigued by the beginning of the Gambling Kingdom of Las Vegas. 3 very powerful people came out of it. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. Wow! What a glorified life they lived, filthy rich, partying, involved with MAFFIA dealings, and totally gave no crap for the poor. Has many watched their end of life in a wheel chair? Unhappy, Worthless, Helpless and finally died in misery? Well, that story is meant for everybody. No one learned from others in the past. At least, I can say, My dad left this world in peace and happiness. And he left with nothing, then only pride, joy and a job well done on Earth. He gets my Oscar and Emmy for a well deserved parent and for being a great man.

May I say? Patrick Swayzee, you are a HERO to me. You deserved the best, and I am so happy to hear you sing, dance and left a memorable imprint in my mind with the movie, “Ghost”. Thank you so much for the legacy you left behind on all of us.

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May my story effect many, wanting to live a life of joy and freedom.
"In God We Trust"

I am, in who I am. I do not compromise in who I am not! Deal with it!

This is the True Me! Nothing to hide! Either deal with it, in who I am, or get Lost! Nothing to compromise, with no one!

Wanna Live life, to enjoy and feel secure with your future? Then release yourself from all your doubts, worries and insecurities. Meditate and release yourself from your inner Demons....I did!

Aquarius/5th Dimension
"My Perfect Life"
Who Am I?
If we only knew?
"Always, Be Yourself"
Hanna Alyssa Woods
"Erotica Aspirations"
"Pleiadian Love"
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