If they only knew, what we knew? This world would already been passing, through many upgrading and vibrant changes, as according to evolution standards! http://www.iammysoul.com/starseeds.html

My Pleiadian Friends! Protection and Love is a Virtue!

We are placing a Civilization, that lives, produces and generates, only Love, as Their Weapon? Anything else, will be destroyed! http://aquablauw.tumblr.com

The help from our Pleiadian Friends are in the works. This planet Earth, will catch up on the evolution progress, which made a completely stop! This Planet will experience Peace and Tranquility very soon!

L O V E , is the strongest weapon in the Universe! It Grows From Within!

The Erotic Touch to Natural Highs!

Pleiadian Sexual Endeavors

Evil can never last. Chemtrails and Nuclear activities, will be neutralized by this utmost perfect LOVE!

An Invasion To Planet Earth, will be unstoppable, when the right time come, to save us people by destroying this planet! Please search Pleiadians, on YouTube for more deeper information, before Evil Government, shuts the internet down!

This Earth, has hidden the truth, to many people, under the threatened home made Religion Crap, that we learned, while this Real Truth has been twisted and misrepresented in many books, such as the Bible. Religions are made by people, to scare the Fucking Hell, out of them, so they won't revolt against their government. Fear keeps them from thinking, to fight and rebel against their Governments. History repeats itself! Please do some serious research on your own?

As I truly am? I'm a Lightworker or Starseed, if you may? In helping to get many people ready, for what my world task may entail? As my picture shows? I have nothing to hide! I am being protected by this Pleiadian Civilization, since Birth!Greetings and Love and Light, to you all!

I had been protected, since birth!

Aquarius/5th Dimension
"My Perfect Life"
Who Am I?
If we only knew?
"Always, Be Yourself"
Hanna Alyssa Woods
"Erotica Aspirations"
"Pleiadian Love"
"Be My Guest"