Hey Harry Bröker,
  As an Aquarius, you're a curious and intellectual soul. Your innovative style and independent thinking is truly inspirational to others. While sometimes mistaken as a little strange, your actions are much more strategic than others may realize. You know better than anyone that in the game of life, you must "Be the change you want to see in the world." But while this progressive approach keeps you moving forward, it can also leave you exhausted and disconnected from your deeper desires. You need a fresh burst of energy to inspire and empower you, and that breakthrough is here! By combining your unique Astrology with the power of Numerology and Tarot, you will activate your most powerful inner resources...

Your Universal Twin and Earth-:Like Erotic Partner,

Hanna Alyssa Woods


Does it not give you a great feeling? To know, you wake up, and all will be okay?

The Ultimate Attraction Of Pure Universal Erotica! http://soundcloud.com/aquablauw

Always expect the unexpected!

Life as Delicate as Can Be! Knowledge quenched the Thirst of the Heart!


Life comes with many surprises! This is one of my favorite erotic moments! Totally unexpected!

Facebook can not block me, this time? Not on my own uncensored aquablauw site!  https://www.facebook.com/hanna.woods.378


Many may know me  already, no introduction needed with over 4800 members on my Facebook! That site is now locked up by FB. But now, will only have a minimum of selected friends, I dearly love. What many calls, dirty, Offensive and all that sort Jazz, are hypocrites in my book. What I do is natural, healthy and total innocent in nature. Now, check those same people putting me down, that are dressed, cheating on their wives, steal, murder, lie, and all sorts of mental problems. They are the ones with the big fat mouths, including, but not limited to the highest seats in Governments. Dope and alcohol dependencies, I can go on, but this should be enough, in getting my message across. https://www.facebook.com/hanna.woods.378

The love and beauty for the sake of pure heatlh and happiness, are expressed on this page of uncensored life of my sweet activities! Email me at hannawoods@gmail.com or visit me at, https://www.facebook.com/hanna.woods.378

I am very sad, that many are grounded on stigmas of religion, family ties and society regulations. Free yourself of it, and health will improve, and happiness will follow. Lead, but do not follow anyone, that is our secret of being happy on a 24/7 basis.  https://www.facebook.com/hanna.woods.378


Aquarius/5th Dimension
"My Perfect Life"
Who Am I?
If we only knew?
"Always, Be Yourself"
Hanna Alyssa Woods
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"Pleiadian Love"
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