A free and honest way of life! The way it should be, totally stress free!

"Melt With Nature" Life therefore, can be such an easy, with pleasure and such enjoyable healthy Journey!

Why can't we enjoy nature, as it was meant to be? Why restrictions and sad limitations, of enjoying Nature in the Nude? People put innocent restrictions upon themselves, ashamed  and afraid what others may think? Well, you lost out of totally FREEDOM of life! I lost family and so called friends, cause I want to be, what Harry wanted to be, with no damage caused to others. Killing, Stealing, Doping, Cheating are all traits of humans, putting us down, yet with clothing on, rob the world with real money and real life people. How about that?   http://aquablauw.tumblr.com

The inner creation of sensitivity, blending Erotica with Musical Gratification.

Pure Extacy, Blend With Nature! God's Given Creation of the Human Race!    http://aquablauw.tumblr.com

The Life Of Lust and Love, does matter!

A Life Of Health, goes beyond a Healthy Sexual Life!

Many seeks freedom, life of love, acceptance and being themselves, but are afraid, what others may think! Well, you are making yourself short in what life may really enrich you with, what now only is called imagination.... Rules, embarrassment, status, family responsibilities are putting a lot of strain, in what your deepest wishes are. Lots to sacrifice, I chose pure freedom. Less stress, less Doctor Visits, live a most healthy life in Kentucky, USA! And be happy, with what I have, not what I want!

This is USA, as it should be, Free, Democratic and Prosperous Country. Any other influence attacking from within, will be dealt with, according to our US-Constitution, were we are allowed to get rid of any and all Foreign and Domestic Enemies, called Civil War!

This is what Freedom suppose to be! Non religious, Non Politics, None Control, Non corrupted intentions!

Let Love and Sextacy Set You Free, uninhibited, no shame, no blame, but let the Light of Amber Set Ye Into a High Flying Flame of Wild Extacy!  http://aquablauw.tumblr.com

Does not cost much, in being yourself, as you wanna be......Not what others, expects you to be!

Tanned and Baked in Pure Olive Oil! Nature's Healthy Way!   http://aquablauw.com/cgi-bin/aqualive.mp3

Arizona, The Gateway to Exploration in a great dessert setting. Great Memories!

I, Hanna Alyssa Woods, endorse Harry Bröker's website of true, open and hones information he shares! http://aquablauw.tumblr.com

I, Karen Bentley, endorses this aquablauw project of Harry Bröker. http://aquablauw.tumblr.com

I, Jessica Brittany Jones: Endorses this Unique Website for the purpose of sexual and natural inhabitant freedom of the Soul! http://aquablauw.tumblr.com

We are happy to endorse aquablauw's straight forward enlightment projects. Were others, dear to think? He expose it, instead. http://aquablauw.tumblr.com

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