Why is it so hard for anyone, to be themselves? Under estimate it self worth, not being confident, shame, feel out of place? Well, is time to wake up! You came here on this planet to perform a task for self improvement. Let No One, interfere in your research or has anyone interfere in  winning your efforts to become a better soul on this planet! You are a very important being on this Planet and has any rights as others have to be yourself and discover, grow, investigate and build up a strong individualistic approach to help others to Lead and not follow lies on this planet. Thank you all! Any questions? Direct them straight to me: harry.broker1@gmail.com. Do not scold, abuse or tell me negative problems nor accusations? Those emails will be destroyed and never answered, so save your sad stories for someone else to listen to.It is meant for questions and answers only, for serious inquiries, ONLY! Have a very Nice day!

 Hey Guys! Thanks for the rescue, you guys made my life and others make worth while!

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Totally innocent nudes is condemned in a clothed world, full of corruption, greed, murder and infidelity. Better think twice before branding us negative for our beauty with total honest and innocent intentions! 

Common Grounds, Makes Common Sense!

A Pure Taste Of Beauty, Were Fantasy Becomes Reality!

Let your Heart Talk, not your Head!

I am so lucky, to take a peek of the future of this tremendous great planet, called Earth!

Being Happy and Content? Can go a very long way in life!

Hello....My Name is Melanie Amy, from BudaPest, Hungary. I am a hard-core Fan of, Harry Bröker. I am happy to share, that I endorse all his work and erotic endeavors that he shares with the world. I may said, all of us think, but dears to express. Well, Harry posts, what we think, no matter what people say or think, worldwide! http://aquablauw.tumblr.com

Awesome wine. And enjoying the Mosel River, from Koblenz, to Trier, Germany!

So Much Love and Enjoyment in Life

Aquarius/5th Dimension
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